We use this page to promote the excellent community projects happening around Greater Manchester. Over the past four years we have worked with these organisations to deliver employability training, community projects, community consultations, health and wellbeing workshops, services reviews and business plans:

We have also delivered joint work to support people who are unemployed with:

Who Are We?

You can pay for our organisational support monthly by direct debit.

We are a Community Interest Company trading as 4 Steps CIC that supports community and voluntary organisations, charities and other social enterprises to deliver community projects and to explore and implement opportunities to become more financially, environmentally and organisationally sustainable.

We work with organisations of all sizes across the full range of the third sector.

We work across the ten local authorities areas that make up the Greater Manchester region.

We focus on providing practical help to individual organisations and we work at a higher level to deliver projects and programmes with a wider social benefit



We help organisations find funding for their projects and we help them deliver their community projects.

Alternatively, we will deliver the project ourselves while everyone else gets on with their core business.

We also work with local authorities, housing trusts and third sector infrastructure agencies to develop and implement projects that have a wider social benefit including; research, consultation, pilot projects or new services to meet changing needs.



We help organisations develop Sustainability Plans and Income Diversification Plans that focus on harnessing talents, assets and resources, thinking creatively and broadening the organisation’s funding strategy. Our aim is to help organisations become less reliant on grant funding and more financially and organisationally robust.

We help them develop fundraising programmes and implement projects that link them to valuable partners who they can build relationships with now and on into the future.

We encourage the organisations we work with to build sustainability support into their funding bids so we can do the legwork to explore the potential sustainability of the project and to identify the right partners to make it sustainable. Aim 2 Inspire have found this very useful for developing their All Inclusive After School Club.


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We work with public agencies such as local authorities, third sector infrastructure organisations and housing trusts and associations to create, develop and implement programmes that provide a wide social impact.

We act as a communication channel between frontline organisations and policymakers and provide consultancy services to statutory, private and third sector agencies


Creating Sustainable Organisations CIC
Trading as 4 Steps CIC
4 Steps Enterprise and Learning Centre
Burnage Community Centre
347 Burnage Lane
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Ashlie Tottle

Communications Director
David Carey
Development Director
Linda McCarthy
Advisory Director
Lynn Leggat
Project Director